LIKEaBIKE Handlebar Hopper


Great for carrying small toys, or conkers and pine cones!

  • Can be quickly attached to your Kokua LIKEaBIKE with velcro.
  • Fixed securely with the longer handle bar bolts supplied.

This popular accessory hooks over the LIKEaBIKE wooden bike handlebars and is great for carrying small toys or bits and bobs picked up on the trail. The hopper can be temporarily fixed with velcro or permanently secured in position with longer handlebar bolts, both of which are supplied.

Beech finish matches Forest, Badger and Puffin wooden bikes. The image here shows a beech hopper fitted to a LIKEaBIKE Badger. For the Spoky, Mountain and Racer, a birch version is available from Kokua.

Please note that the hopper is not suitable for the larger Midi and Maxi Mountain LIKEaBIKEs.

LIKEaBIKE Wooden Bike Accessories


LIKEaBIKE Extended Seat Post

The LIKEaBIKE extended seat post is available from Kokua in both beech and birch finishes to match the original wooden bike frame.



The LIKEaBIKE Frame Bag is a cloth pocket that toggles on to the LIKEaBIKE wooden bike frame, available in a choice of colours.


LIKEaBIKE Handlebar Grips

These replacement Kokua LIKEaBIKE handgrips are available if you fancy a colour change or if the originals are getting a bit grubby!


LIKEaBIKE Kickstand

A neat little parking stand to match your LIKEaBIKE wooden bike! Allows your child to neatly park their LIKEaBIKE in an upright position when not in use.


LIKEaBIKE Leather Rucksack

This cute real leather rucksack can be worn over the shoulders or fitted to the LIKEaBIKE wooden bike handlebars. Very stylish!


LIKEaBIKE Leather Seat Cover

New design LIKEaBIKE wooden bike seat cover in durable soft-grain red, blue, dark chocolate or champagne leather.



The quality construction of these LIKEaBIKE mitts ensures little hands are safe from blisters and cuts. Available in Blue, Red or Pink and in 2 sizes.


LIKEaBIKE Safety Helmet

Genuine Kokua LIKEaBIKE child's safety helmet. These are not 'toy' hats, they are genuine safety helmets chosen for their high quality construction and durability.


LIKEaBIKE Spare Seat Cover

The replacement LIKEaBIKE wooden bike seat cover is available in all original equipment colours and a range of funky alternatives.


LikeaBike Trailer

Beautifully designed and crafted trailer, attaches securely to the rear of the LIKEaBIKE and is perfect for taking Teddy along on your child's little adventures.